Hi! I’m Tazz.

My name is Tazz Richards. I’m currently transitioning to a career in UX, leveraging my experiences in database development, graphics, and book publishing. As a certified database developer, I worked with stakeholders to create and enhance systems that emphasized the needs of the user. A key to building these systems is testing to find the balance between user satisfaction and data load. I feel it’s important to put the user at the center of any interface.

As a graphics coordinator and technical illustrator, I honed my skills in Adobe Suite, and communicating with designers, authors, and stakeholders. I was responsible for the design of everything from email blasts to executive level proposals while maintaining strict brand standards. 

Within the seven years of book publishing, I touched almost every part of the business including production, editorial, hiring and training, contracting and managing freelance artists, and creating a custom database to track the publishing process from book proposal to warehouse.

My journey has led me to examining the user experience. My goal is to translate my skill set into UX Writing, Research, and Design.

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