I am a little bit of everything and a whole lot of smart-ass. This attitude of turning everything into a joke has gotten me far in life, but not necessarily in the right direction.

The works on this page are old and new. The snark started out as a series of posts called The Thing about customer service experiences. These are the things you’ve always wanted to say. Of course, maybe I said some of the them, which is why there’s further adventures in unemployment with interviews the way they should go. And to be fair, the rejection letters are the letters a hiring manager wishes they could write.

The Rat Prince of San Francisco was originally written when I was 23 and moved to SF. I’ve been tweaking it for years and promised to get it online eventually, and here we are.

If you like what you’re reading, send me an email at tazzness@yahoo.com. And if you REALLY like it, I’m available for commissions, or for hire. Give me a topic and I’ll run with it. Again, probably not in the direction one would expect.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope I can make you laugh a little.