Why do I want to be a UX Writer for Figma?

Hi Chris Baty and the UX Writers of Figma,

Figma is, of course, a great company and a fantastic tool that has helped me create all of the images on this website.


My experiences creating database interfaces with all the little buttons and pop-ups will be beneficial. Writing instructions for clients, proposals, book editing, teaching Adobe Illustrator, and my general love of language – they’re all parts of my journey to become a UX Writer. 


But really, I just want to answer the question on your video:

Should this button have a period?



This definitely needs a period.

This should never have a period

For buttons like this, I believe it is better to not have a period for (at least) two reasons:

  1. Aside from large paragraphs, Figma pop-ups and tooltips do not use periods, so this would maintain cohesiveness and consistency.
  2. The current trend is to avoid periods in social media and texts because they make a statement seem harsh and judgemental. This sentiment can carry over to instructions.
    No one wants a judgy button.

Thanks for coming! Please check out the rest of the portfolio and my LinkedIn profile. I look forward to hearing from you.