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  • Product Developer
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WTFRU Wearing is an app for people who need immediate fashion advice and for people who enjoy looking at and rating fashion.


A person posts a picture of their current outfit and sets a time for how long the picture will be available for viewing. Anyone using the app can swipe to vote yes/no on the outfit. The poster can see the vote tally and decide whether or not to wear the outfit.


People are constantly looking for validation and approval of their fashion choices on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. The challenge is when they are about to walk out the door and need feedback immediately, not days later.

  • Provide immediate fashion feedback.
  • Customize user feed based on personal preferences.
  • Create a safe space to avoid shaming and bullying.
  • Create a fun, easy, and accessible experience.

User Research

User Research Goals

Identify primary market demographic
Determine level of interest
Discover possible user stories
Analyze competitive apps
Identify design elements to maintain familiarity
Survey and Interviews

Interviews were conducted both individually and in a group setting. Participants ranged from early 20s to early 50s. Most had a medium level of interest in fashion and how they presented themselves to the public.


They were asked about what occasions they dress up, and when and how they look for fashion advice or feedback.

Sample Questions

Do you ever give fashion advice or feedback?

To whom do you give advice or feedback?

What are your favorite apps to read for fashion?

What are your favorite apps to post on about fashion?

Which fashion influencers/blogs do you follow, if any?

Would you be interested in an app for fashion advice?


The survey advertisement called for fashionistas, but was not gender specific. Even so, 75% of the participants identified as women.


This may be the most telling indicator of a primary demographic. Almost everyone interviewed or surveyed expressed some interest in giving and receiving feedback. The overall response to the idea of the app was enthusiastic.

Do you ever want/ask for fashion advice or feedback?

User Feedback

Common feature requests
  • Need for privacy and security
  • Ability to filter voting feed
  • Ability to create multiple personas for different occasions
  • Ability to describe the occasion for an outfit
No Comments Allowed!

There were extensive discussions on whether or not to allow comments on photos. The majority agreed that fashion and body images are incredibly sensitive issues. While comments could be helpful, there’s not a pragmatic way to filter out insults or bullying. Therefore, at the least the early iterations of the app will not include comments. Further iterations could after friends and family groups are established.

User Stories

Test participants identified two user stories that helped guide design.

Dressing Up and Going Out
I’m going out tonight!
Not sure if I like this outfit. I’ll ask WTFRU Wearing
I’ll give them 15 minutes on the app
Just enough time to put on make-up.
They like it. Let’s Go!
Outfit Tracker
I don’t want my client to think I only own one outfit.
I’ll add it to my WTFRU Wearing gallery
And customize the occasion to this client visit
Then I can find something new for my next meeting.

Meet the Users

From the user research, I developed personas based on a typical user of the app. These personas will further help identify and personalize user stories.


Keeps a finger on the pulse on popular culture. Enjoys going out with friends, dancing. Dates casually. Focused on building her career. Always wants to look professional.

F, 31

Social Media Manager

“Every interaction is a chance for a new opportunity. I have to look good.”

Brooklyn, NY

  • Get out of student debt
  • No roommates
  • Clothing budget to match tastes




F, 31

Social Media Manager

Brooklyn, NY

Keeps a finger on the pulse on popular culture. Enjoys going out with friends, dancing. Dates casually. Focused on building her career. Always wants to look professional.

“Every interaction is a chance for a new opportunity. I have to look good.”

  • Get out of student debt
  • No roommates
  • Clothing budget to match tastes



Competetive Analysis

These popular social media and photo sharing apps were compared to consider similarities at a high business level, and a deep look into the design elements they may share with the app.

The key to success for all of these apps are intuitive design elements. A user can quickly understand how to use the app with a minimal amount of pain points. Using versions of these elements in a new app will allow users to adapt quickly.

Why WTFRU Wearing Shines

WTFRU Wearing stands out because it provides the enhanced benefit of immediate feedback on a person’s choices.

Photofeeler is the closest competitor to WTFRU Wearing. The purpose of the app is for individuals to receive feedback on the quality of the photos they use for business, dating, and social media apps.

Aside from Photofeeler, all of these are multi-billion dollar companies offering similar photo sharing options. 


Task and User Flow

The understanding of the user journeys directed the user and task flows to create a familiar, intuitive feel.

Task Flow – Creating Account and Post Photo
User Flow


Design Principles

Familiar, intuitive user flow
Accessible color scheme to highlight photos
Scalable - Allow app to add new features
Wireframe Sketches

The rough sketches were created on notecards to quickly simulate the app.

After testing the flow of the sketches, wireframes were created in Figma to determine placement of the graphic elements and further refine the user flow. The goal here was to emulate other popular apps to simplify the learning curve and give an intuitive feel.

Step in building user profile – user chooses images that represent their fashion tastes.

Main page – displays current image to swipe.

Swipe left to not like an image.

Style Tile

The style tile represents the look and feel of the app. The logo and colors were chosen to give a light and fun feel so the user wouldn’t take the app too seriously.

When created the high definition version, the color palette and design remained neutral in order to emphasize the photos of the outfit.

User Testing

The app was tested through three iterations of Figma prototypes including wireframes and two versions of hi-def. Tests were both self-guided and during live interviews.


There were 20 participants – ages early 20s to 50s, multiple genders and levels of interest in fashion.

User Testing Tasks

1. Create a profile

2. Add a photo

3. Swipe for favorites

User Testing Summary

The app had an overwhelmingly positive response. Participants enjoyed the concept. They called the design “intuitive”, and the swipe function “relaxing”.

Key Learning Points
  • People are excited about the app because is makes giving and receiving fashion feedback fun, fast, and easy.
  • Users need to feel safe sharing their photos and identities.
  • App should feel like other apps to ensure easy onboarding.
  • Users requested instructions screens.
“Super natural, easy to flow through.”

– Test Participant

“I don’t look to others for outfit approval or clothing advice – That said, I love this app! Why? I see new and repeat customers every day and I need to track what I’m wearing to avoid repeat outfits. I would buy WTFRU Wearing and I’d use it every single day.”

Wendy N.
– Realtor


New Instructions Screens

Design interactions focused on details such as the size of the buttons and fields. Users requested instructions, so these frames were added after account creation.

Future Iteration Ideas

Photo editing with face blurring
Closet Organizer
Group and Family Only Posts
Gamification and Leaderboards
Advertising and Shopping


WTFRU Wearing is a fun social app that synthesizes the best parts of popular apps to create a friendly way to receive immediate feedback on fashion. Testing demonstrated the success of the simple and intuitive flow.  Test participants are excited about the concept and would like to see the app become a reality.

Next Steps

In response to the enthusiasm for the app, I am going to pursue channels to start the creation process. If you’re interested in helping make this app a reality, contact me. WTFRU waiting for!